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Men Clothings

Men's clothing

Men all over Pakistan prefer shalwar kameez with some additional accessories which include Pakistani Waistcoat, Achkan and Sherwani with the shalwar kameez or with Churidar Pajama. Jinnah Cap also called Karakul, Fez also called Rumi Topi and Taqiyah (cap) is used with Shalwar Kameez. Khussa is a popular foot wear with shalwar kameez. Men like to wear traditional shawls made of Pashmina or other warm materials especially in Northern part of the country.

Regional clothing

In regional clothing, Balochi people wear shalwar kameez of thick cloth with very wide shalwar to prevent themselves from the hot wind of dry Sulaiman Range and Kharan Desert. They wear Balochi turban made of a very long cloth, often in white color to prevent their head from sun rays.Sindhi people wear shalwar kameez with traditional Sindhi cap and Ajrak of beautiful designs which are made locally.Punjabi men wear simple shalwar kameez, Kurta Shalwar and Dhoti kurta according to Punjabi climate. Turban of a thin cloth is also used with Shalwar Kameez especially in rural areas of Punjab where it is called Pagri. Khussa is also used with Dhoti Kurta. In Pashtun dress, people wear traditional Peshawari Chappal[2] in feet and Pakul with Shalwar kameez. Kashmiri people use Pheran,[3] Shahmina, Shahtoosh and Jamavar which makes them warm in the cold climate of Kashmir.