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Islamic Accessories

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Cotton Woven Ihraam

100% cotton woven fabric sheets for ihram
Rs 1750.00

Ihram Belts

One of the condition when in the state of Ihraam is to ensure you are not wearing anything stitched which includes any body wear.
Rs 300.00

Islamic Hand Watches

We offer a very exclusive range of Islamic watches which are ideal for those that very particular about their prayer times and want a watch that would not just remind them of their salat time but also to give them direction of the Qibla.
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Kids sizes Ihraams

Children sizes towelling Ihrams
Rs 800.00

Men's Towelling Ihram

We have a wide range of ihrams made from soft 100% cotton terry towelling fabric making it ideal to wear during the hot hajj or umrah season.
Rs 1750.00

Messenger Bags

During the journey of Hajj or Umrah when in the state of Ihraam carrying your personal belongings could be very difficult if you do not have a well equipped messenger bad with large and small zip pockets to put your passport, money, mobile or other personal items.
Rs 450.00

Special Shoes - Flip Flops

We have a nice range of slippers or flip flops which are ideal to wear during the journey of Hajj or umrah.
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Unscented Shampoo

When it comes to Ihram is it not permissible when in the state to use any scented soap or shampoo.
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Unscented Soap

When in the stare of ihraam it is not permissible to use any fragrance even if that is in the form of a soap.
Rs 70.00

Women Ihram

Women as such do not have an Ihram clothing like the men do but the Muslim ladies need to adhere to basic Islamic dress code like wearing an abaya.
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